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Programs Available

  1. Individual Lessons
    Our teachers offer private lessons in violin, viola, and cello. We accept students for individual lessons beginning as early as 3 ½ (or age 4 for guitar). Private lessons focus on personal development and proficiency on a specific instrument. Individual lessons are billed separately from school fees by the teacher. Private lessons are taken in conjunction with group classes at STEW.

  2. Group Class
    An integral part of our Suzuki learning includes group class. In group class, children observe the progress of their peers which enables them to look up to the more advanced students, and aspire to move through the materials. Students in our program age 18 and under participate in group appropriate to their age, developmental stage and playing level. Students regularly play the Suzuki repertoire with other students, often in unison, to improve listening skills and to reinforce the individual practice. Group class material is based on the common Suzuki repertoire and some supplementary repertoire as decided by the faculty. At the end of each term, group classes perform together. At STEW group classes are taken in conjunction with private classes.

  3. Pre Pre Twinkle
    This course is a weekly course taught in 10-week group class sessions. It is used to introduce the child to folk songs, rhythmic patterns, movement to music, vocalization, the musical alphabet, mid line development and the beginning of finger independence. Parents/guardians participate in this class alongside the child to begin to develop a long term musical relationship. The teacher carefully prepares each class and every game or song has a purpose or a goal. P.P.T is for ages 2- 4 years of age. We have a low teacher to student ratio in this class. P.P.T. classes take place at the same time and location as our group classes to assist scheduling for parents who already have students involved in group. P.P.T. will help to develop the gross and fine motor skills, routine, concentration and focus required to begin instrument specific lessons. This class is perfect for siblings of students already taking lessons, or incoming students who have not yet decided what instrument is right for them! We use a common repertoire for each class and have at home daily listening and practise assignments. This helps develop a practise routine at home before beginning on a specific instrument. P.P.T. is an excellent course to take to determine instrument readiness as they build the skills necessary to begin private and group lessons. The P.P.T’s will have group performance opportunities at our spring concert.

  4. Senior Ensemble
    Our ensemble is for students ages 12 and older who play at a minimum of book 4 and have previously played in Junior Ensemble. (Student under age 12 may be placed in Senior Ensemble if they exceed the book 5 level). The ensemble gives students the opportunity to play with the instruction of a conductor, play with other instruments, and further develop ensemble skills. This group may include additional rehearsals and performances.

  5. Rhythmic Reading 1 & 2
    This class is for students who have begun instrumental instruction and will soon be ready to read music while playing their instruments. Rhythmic Reading includes rhythm reading (note and rest denomination) , rhythmic composition, recognizing and demonstrate pulse, beat and becoming more familiar with musical symbols through games and activities.

  6. Music Reading Classes
    This class is an introduction to reading in a group setting. Students are placed in reading classes once they begin note reading in their private instruction. This class is on your instrument. Reading classes will work on supplementary repertoire pieces outside the Suzuki repertoire including fiddle tunes, folk songs, etc. In the 2nd or 3rd year of Music Reading emphasis is put on harmony reading as well as melody reading to prepare students for ensemble.

  7. Junior Ensemble
    Our junior ensemble is a mixed age ensemble. This ensemble is suitable for students who have completed our rhythmic reading and music reading program and are at a book 2 level or above. This class will expand on playing pieces with two to four part harmony. Additionally, students will work on reading in position and furthering their theory skills. Additional rehearsals and performances may take place as part of this class.

  8. Adult Group Classes
    Adult only group classes are run in the summer in either 6 or 8 week session. The level of playing required is dependent on interest of participants. Registration in private lessons is not required to participate in Adult group class. This is a great way to meet other adults interested in learning how to play violin, viola, and cello.

  9. Theory Classes
    Theory classes may be available in group or individual instruction by request. Theory classes when offered will be advertised on our schedule of events page.

A PDF of a Sample Group Class and Special Events Calendar can be sent upon request. Email

**Please note that courses offered are subject to change or cancellation. Offering of courses is dependent on registration, teacher availability and location availability. **